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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  July 6, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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six a m and the top story on kron 4 news in this search continues for the seven missing boaters when their boat capsized in of the california bay. >> and we will tell you how man stole a sketch where the hundred thousand dollars >> no charge of first-degree murder as to count one we the jury find the defendant not guilty >> and the reaction pores then as them most powerful case came to a close.
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>> good morning we are showing you why fog of for a part of the bay but the fog is backpack >> it is the cool morning but we will have read this afternoon >> we will have cool fog like conditions along the coast are temperatures were be a little bit cooler than they were yesterday san francisco right now 52 degrees 70 degrees at by this afternoon partly sunny in the downtown portion of the sitting this is where we see the fog hugging the coast line and the north bay area it will be a factor in our forecast temperatures right now a slightly warmer
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temperature in oakland napa is coming in at 58 low 60s as you head out to antioch receipt temperatures warm up by tam and we will see the '90s coming in around 2:00 p.m. a few more communities will pulled in of the '90s and as we head towards 9:00 p.m. will be and more comfortable seven degree weather a quick look that temperatures by neighborhood by neighborhood set rows of
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the top but it 85 low 90s in fairfield san francisco 70 pence a san mateo 79 in the e spent oakland 76 union city low 80s in the far east bay mid-90s and danville and south fell that is the weather for today we will have more in our update coming ups >> good morning we've been keeping an eye on the nimitz freeway we heard of a northbound accident a big rig thankfully it is already been cleared from the freeway little backup has been developing on the southbound lane it is
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creating a little bit of a backups in the southbound lane. you will need an extra few minutes to get through this back up. it should be cleared very shortly a quiet morning as we had to the bay bridge no metering lights for the west bound ride as we have been keeping a close eye on the metering lights caltran has been doing a great job so far this week in managing the traffic flow at the toll plaza at
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the san mateo bridge still a good ride in the west bound direction it is possible we will see lighter than usual traffic still a few cars to or emerging from the fog on agua golden gate bridge >> families of the seven day area fishermen there's still missing are waiting to hear word of their loved ones. the accident happened in the sea of cortez and the boat capsized write off this island here this is out of where they left in san felipe de you and see the view from the air there's continuing their search today debris has been found and i hope this bill all
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their that that men are still alive. they are hoping that their loved ones that were able to grab life of best. >> they are 2 mi. from shore and once they regained their strength. i'm in front of, donnelly. his daughter and son-in-law lived there they have been talking to the coast guard has been roughly 76 hours since the boat capsized. the window is a little bit bigger because the water is warm. they have a deadline also the deadline is friday at 2:00 a.m. this
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is what he had to say a if they are not rescued by then >> we may need to pay for individual search efforts if they choose to operate as just a recovery effort. >> not only is them mexican government and navy helping all i lot of passengers were rescued by private fisherman they are hoping that someone out there can find these missing people. this happened around 2:00 a.m. sunday morning they woke up in the middle of the night knowing that they were going to be in the water. >> we will follow the latest
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here with well and we will give you information on the search and rescue as victims in to was >> police in san francisco car searching for a very rare picasso drawing that was taken from i gallery in broad daylight right under the noses of everyone happened at the lines being and gallery just before noon near union square. this guy came in grab that the scratch ride off wall and took a taxi that was waiting for him outside this is a one-of-a-kind drying it was made in 1965 and is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars this is a picture of the sketch that was taken.
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they are asking the public for information will be back with more in just a couple minutes
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>> almost 2 mi. high. it winds
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are about 69 mi. per hour, close to hurricane force. its visibility was drastically cut in flights were delayed in and out of phoenix. >> i used to live in arizona. those storms are weird. like the ball. today, looked like a blanket. >> to the golden gate bridge is already obscured with fog. >> this is what we are dealing
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with this morning. temperatures in the '50s and '60s, mostly sunny, warm temperatures with inland spots warming into the mid-90s. cooler than yesterday. a cooling trend starts today and gets more pronounced as we head towards the weekend. let's take a closer look at where temperatures are. mid-50s. 52 in san francisco. 54 in oakland, upper 50s and now of. san jose, low 60s. near 70 in antioch and livermore. san francisco 70, rose 85. oakland 76 and then we warm as we head south. 87 in san
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jose. or 83 in fremont. the course on storm tracker 4 we are seeing the plane over the sierra. this is the backside of tropical storm arlene. bringing moisture to the baity. here is a look at the 7 day around the bay. here is a check on your commute with george. >> as we were looking at a potential hot spot on the nimitz freeway. delays in both directions. clear to the downtown oakland. there are no delays in either direction through downtown. and does
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appear as though the new-line lights have been activated on the westbound bridge. so far, no problems or big playsdelays. one golden gate bridge, the draft vermeil and looks good. -- the drive from iran looks good. public transit looks good, no problems to report. >> we have new details as an accused serial killer joseph naso is said to be in court to discuss a motion to dismiss a
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murder complete against him and released and from jail. the 77 year-old is serving as his own attorney. he contends that the authorities failed to show probable cause to arrest him. he is charged with killing four women for outdoor the california. -- for women throughout northern california. >> california lawmakers have sent the governor a bill that will make the state the first to require public schools to include gays and lesbians into school studies. his6 >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. coming up, a hole opens up on a decline in the year. we will
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hear it the recordings from the cockpit right after debris. yhe break.
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>> 6:26 a.m.. the faa has released cockpit recordings of some six ve scary happenings ine year. hall look at the giant keeping hold that occurred during flight. you can hear the sense of urgency in the voice of the pilots. southwest >> 812, is that you? >> currently we have a hole in the fuselage in the back of the airplane. we are 10,000 ft. can you prove that? >> back to me, they sound home.
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the pilots amaze me. >> they did land safely, this prompted an investigation of all of the boeing 737. after inspecting some the nine older planes, they found cracks in five of them. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we will bring you the latest news from wall street and the opening bell as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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>> the dow was off 12 points yesterday. there is the opening bell. all >> of that fog. it looks exactly like yesterday and feels cooler. >> that is the theme. cooler. remember that weren't enough for the weekend and beyond. we have a cooling trend headed our way. sunny and warm this afternoon. we will continue to shave off a degree or two as we head into next week. you will be interested to see what we have in store for saturday and sunday, particularly for our inland locations. a quick check on traffic. >> metering lights active on the bay bridge toll plaza. for your ride on the nimitz freeway, what
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we thought might have become a hot spot did not. i will tell you about the rest of the traffic coming up. >> the time now is 6:30 a.m.. new details of the families, 70 area fishermen still missing after their boat capsized off of the coast of mexico on sunday. they are still waiting to hear word from their loved ones. the boat capsized right here in the gulf of california south of san felipe de. take a look at video of the search efforts. only debris has been found so far, but authorities say it is possible to still find people alive in the water. the families of the victims are hoping. maybe other survivors managed to grab on to some of the coolers when it came off of the vote or
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maybe they have life jackets. will tran is live in san ramon where family members are holding out hope for. >> doll lead organized this trip. it took him about one year to plan it. hehis daughter lives in this house. his son-in-law says that his father-in-law is very comfortable in the water, then he is experienced, but a lot of things have to happen for him to survive. he needed to have a life vest and the other is if he was able to manage to grab water. it has been 76 hours since the boat capsized, a lot of time to be on the open ocean with of the sun coming down and no drinking water. food is not a big issue at this time, but they need to get by until their rescue. we did get a chance to speak with the son-in-law, here is what he had to say. >> we are confident that he
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survived. he is comfortable in the water. he owns a fishing boat, he has had a few boats. he will fish anywhere but he loves fishing in the open ocean. he is comfortable and the water. he is a strong swimmer is fortunately the conditions are beneficial. very calm waters, warm temperatures which is why they have such a large window for the search and rescue. a 96 hour window. >> that window closes on friday at 2:00 a.m., that is according to the mexican navy. if they are not rescued by then, the family plans to pay for a private contractor or private fishermen to go out there and look for their loved ones. they are hoping that their return before then. there are monitoring the coast guard. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will try to get a live interview. >> a developing story out of san
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francisco, police are searching for a person who stole air where picasso drawing from a san francisco gallery. police say a man walked into the gallery and grabbed a sketch of of the wall and fled in a taxi. the sketch is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> now, onto other. here is a live look from san jose. sunshine already this morning and temperatures on the mild side. we're starting off in san jose, the current temperature is about 65 degrees, ultimately 87 will be your high this afternoon. here is a quick look at where temperatures are. we are seeing a relatively mild start. mainly upper 50s going into the low 60s, or 52 and san francisco warming to 54 in
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oakland. 64 in concord. as you head to the east it warms to about 60 degrees for antioch and livermore. our highs this afternoon will be a lot like yesterday, just a little cooler. san francisco is going to be nice. sunny and 70 degrees downtown. wilyour 7 day forecast shows us cooling as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday, and linde will shave off a good 10 degrees into the cooling continues into next week. >> we are not tracking any hot
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spots right now. we are looking at a fairly good commute on the bay bridge toll plaza. here is 80 westbound. it back to performing but only reaching to about the ec over crossing at westbound. it seems as though the metering lights are cycling have a good rate. that is good news. we did have word of an accident on the san mateo bridge but we have not yet seen a back up westbound. there have been no further reports from the chp about additional or issues. the volume is heavier this morning and yesterday. over of the golden gate we have seen a fair amount of its fog. that continues to be the case although we do not have as an problems underneath the fog. we are not reporting any problems or delays across the bridge. derived from marin county still looks pretty good as well. the
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southbound commute time is about 28 minutes from high with 37 to the toll plaza. public transit, bart is enjoying a good ride, no delays there or on caltrain. here is the latest from justine in the >> newsroom> casey anthony has been found not guilty of murdering her two year-old daughter. jurors yesterday would not immediately comment about their decision and now, we are hearing from an alternate juror. he says that he supports the the verdict. >> i agree with that wholeheartedly it was the right decision. the prosecution did not meet the burden of proof. we have a lot of reasonable doubt. >> kampen it was convicted of four misdemeanor counts of providing false information to
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police, those, the one-year maximum sentence. she will be sentenced tomorrow at about 60 8:00 a.m. our time. we'll cover that for you live. because she already served three years behind bars she could be set free. and what do you think of this verdict? posting comments on our face the page. we will be right back >> as the kron 4 morning news continues. " coming up after the break a live look at a rental car lot in common dozens of cars and damaged. we will tell you how after the afternew-lin the break.
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>> jackie sissel is live on the
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scene. >> if you need a car with minor smoke damage, you might actually find one with a lot of damage. i am at an overflow lot for hertz rental car as. you can see the damage, 30-40 cars in the slot are mostly completely destroyed. this all happened on sunday afternoon dept. like this is cel phone camera footage. the cars are up in flame. there were able to put of the fires on sunday afternoon but they have been sitting here because they have not been able to get towed her. the expectation is today they will get wreckers in here and start telling the cars. that have been sitting here since sunday afternoon. it is an incredible sight to see 40 or so
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cars completely burned out. it is a really big lot next to a hotel. you can see all of the cars there, there are hundreds of other cars further down a lot. you can see the amount of damage done. >> we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. half an uneasy sole earner 32
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first set to host if the fourth
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was dominated kuala union dues are thejune 30th
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>> " / the top stories we are following today,, first of all, the search is continuing for those missing voters. seven fishermen are missing, their boat capsized in the gulf of california, in mexico. a coastguard crew left sacramento to help with that search. when it is a very valuable picasso's sketches that was stolen, swiped in broad daylight from a gallery in union square. police are looking for him. we will tell you about that. in jury
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selection is today in washington d.c. for the trial of packaging great roger clemens. he is accused of lying to congress in 2008 about his steroid use. that is the big question, did he lie? jury selection starts today. correct >> do you remember harold camping? the oakland radio preacher that predicted the rapture on may 21st? here is a picture of him right here. if he has now been moved into the nursing home. the 89 year-old surfer a stroke her. he is undergoing rehab in this top of skilled nursing home fog although it is unclear if he will return to his radio show. >> hong snell, onto bay area weather. 6:47 a.m., here is a look at mt. tam. a low blend of clouds and fog, along the coast mainly. inland, clear skies. for
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the coast, 50-60 are the purpling temperatures. pork into the 80s and 90s this afternoon and interest dropping back down to the '50s and '60s overnight. temperatures are right now are looking ok, this season and '60s. here are your current temperatures. here is a quick fly around the bay area. highs this afternoon should get into the mid '50s. rockwelwe are loor tech mergers to cool as we head towards the end of the week. friday, saturday and sunday are
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looking good, in lynn getting up into the made '80s. a great day to be outside. let's check your ride. >> great traffic, which are not looking at any hot spots. we have a potential hot spot on the nimitz that clearly could sleep. if we have been watching it back on the bay bridge toll plaza, sicily is not too bad. caltran is doing a great job of managing the metering lights. the san mateo bridge and looks good. no problems for you there. let's into the golden gate bridge, your ride on 101 southbound, plenty of fog. judging by the amount of condensation on the lands you'll probably need your windshield wipers as you head across mid span. through marin county, a pretty easy ride. northbound traffic is still pretty good getting into santa clara from downtown san jose.
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novak of or delays passing guadalupe parkway. >> " shooting death in east palo also has police looking for help from the outside in fighting increasing gang violence. craig skalar has more on what is being done to stop the violence. >> law-enforcement experts are gathering in east palo alto to help local police figure out ways to stop gang violence. this comes on the heels of a shooting that cost the life of a 3 month old baby. the shooting on june 5th cost the lives of a child after the suspect mystics bob the vehicle as opposing gain members. peck experts from the fbi, homeland's security and san quentin prison will be counts with local police on how to deal with anti-gay and tactics.
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>> after a six week trial and 11 hours of jury deliberation, casey anthony learned her faith and now waiting for her sentence. gems bowman joins us from orlando with reaction to the verdict. >> the murder case that captivated the nation wrapped up on tuesday with casey anthony been cleared of murder in the deaths of her two year-old. >> as a charge of first-degree murder, the verdict as to count one, we the jury find the defendant not guilty. >> 25 euro casey anthony cried as the verdict was read. cleared of murder, aggravated child abuse and manslaughter. convicted on four misdemeanor counts. outside the orange county courthouse, cries that justice had not been served. >> no one wins in this situation. there is a two year- old that is dead. it is really dead. >> the jurors refused to speak to the media but one alternate gave some insight saying the prosecution cannot prove that to his death was murder. hopper
6:52 am
>> the family appeared to be very dysfunctional. instead of exploiting them there was an accident, they chose to hide it. >> her parentand a televised trw national attention. >> you cannot convict someone until they have had their day in court. if >> casey anthony will be sentenced thursday morning. she faces a year in prison for each count of lying. she has already been in jail for over two years. in orlando, i am jim spellman. >> in our facebook conversation, we discuss how casey anthony
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could be free after being sentenced for lines of police. a lot of viewers are questioning the jurors a decision. here is what divorcing this morning. here is one comment. >> these you like to contribute to this topic, go to our physical exam page. we will be right back on our kron 4
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where i
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>> bin laden's back. some of the awesome. that is what facebook ceo mark zuckerberg is promising to deliver.-faced but is
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essentially is conference to discuss salons and products. this theory is a company is one of producing the video chat feature. i >> her time for the morning bus. paris hilton's stock for was arrested paris now has a for a new armed guards and has installed and ran instead of your security system which includes multiple cameras and motion
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>> the we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues.
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